As a Ranchers son, turned software engineer, watching all the advances in technology in the past 20 years, I have been mystified that little of these technologies have made their way to the Agriculture. What does the current method of Livestock Management even look like? Most operations still do all of their notes and Livestock Inventory in pocket books which then they have to transfer over to a computer later if they want digital records. Today we see Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Advanced Artificial Intelligence simplifying tasks all over the world, so why not within the Livestock space? With the technologies available today, surely we can at least simplify the Livestock Record Keeping process and furthermore, remove the current multi-step process. Foxteck Innovation Inc. was founded solely to break this trend and give Livestock Managers their long over due technological update. We believe Livestock Management Software should be as intuitive as taking a picture. That is build we are building

Livestalk – Livestock Management Software Revolutionized.

Complex Technologies made Simple thanks to your Personalized Digital Assistant

And Available on ALL of your devices

While you Manage your Operation, Let the Digital Assistant Inventory of your Livestock, Autonomously from remote hardware

And This is only the beginning. We have great plans on expanding the solution all with the mission of simplifying the daily routine of livestock managers.

Livestalk – Livestock Management Software Revolutionized.

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Let us know what you need this technology to do and lets build this thing together!

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